Heat Hazards

This time of year, hot temperatures can sneak up on us. We’ve been accustomed to the cooler temperatures of Winter and Spring, and are therefore unacclimatized to higher temperatures. As … Continued

Safe Working Guidelines for Youth

What better summer job could there be for youth than working on a farm? The resiliency, character, and work ethic that young people develop while working on a farm can … Continued

Tractor Ergonomics

The 2024 planting season has begun, and for many, it’s the most exciting time of the year. We have been busy planning crop rotations, fertilizing, preparing the soil, and now … Continued

Training New Staff

It’s no secret that training new staff can feel like a daunting task. You’ve gone through the hiring process, and found a great candidate, and now it’s up to you … Continued

Road Safety Tips from Farm Safety Nova Scotia

This article was originally published in Farm Focus magazine. For more from Farm Focus, visitRuralLife.ca Spring is here again! This time of year brings warmer days, increased daylight hours, and … Continued


Ticks have become increasingly common in Nova Scotia, and are therefore creating a safety concern on farms. They can become active when temperatures reach 4°C, which coincides with the time … Continued

Managing Stress During Planting Season

As the wheels of planting season start turning, and our days stretch noticeably longer, it’s important to recognize the potential rise in stress levels that accompany this transition. It doesn’t … Continued

Loading and Hauling

The month of April is almost here, which means the time to begin Spring fieldwork is nearly upon us. Preparing the ground for planting requires us to load materials, haul … Continued

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