Poetry Contest

As an industry let’s be vulnerable. How? …. Through poetry!

Perhaps you have never written a poem before – but now is your chance. It doesn’t have to be professional or follow any format, just let your thoughts, emotions and ideas take over.

It isn’t always easy to be vulnerable and express how you are feeling, so why not try and express it in a new way. Find a comfortable spot and take some time to sit down and write. The theme of the poem should be around farmer resiliency. In an industry so unpredictable, it takes a very special, dedicated, and passionate individual to do this kind of work. We recognize this comes with its fair share of challenges and hardships.  Whether you are a farmer, grew up on a farm, live in an agricultural community, or work in the industry we want to hear from you.


The work can be kept anonymous, or not – it is up to you. There are prizes for the top 3 poems and they will be shared on our website for others to read and connect with, knowing that they are appreciated and not alone.


When: the contest will run for the rest of July and August, closing on Friday September 2nd.


Where: Submit all poems to: info@farmsafetyns.ca