Farm Safety for Kids

FSNS recognizes that children are working and growing up on the farm. It is important that children understand what they need to know to keep themselves safe. FSNS hosts a number of workshops throughout the year targeted towards youth.

Cultivate Safety

Cultivate Safety has a number of great resources for children on the farm.

Agricultural Youth Work Guidelines

The National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety has developed work guidelines for youth when working on the farm.  The guidelines will help parents, supervisors and managers to delegate age appropriate tasks on the farm.

Progressive Agricultural Safety Foundation

The Progressive Agricultural Safety Foundation brings health and safety to farming communities around the world.  They provide tools and resources to kids in farming communities so they can prevent incident and injury on the farm.  The Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® program is a one-day health and safety program that provides children in the community, whether they live on or off farm, with on farm safety tools and resources . Safety Days can be designed for all ages and they are hands-on, fun, and safe for children.

Additional resources are provided in the form of short YouTube videos on various farm health and safety topics such as farm equipment, electricity, fire safety, sun safety, grain safety, animal handling, hearing, mental health, seat belts, water safety, etc.  Visit PAFSafetyDays to watch and learn.

The next Progressive Ag Safety Day for those 7 to 13 years old will be on June 27, 2024 from 9:00 am until 2:30 pm at the Bridgewater Exhibition Grounds, Lunenburg County.

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Farm Safety Activity Booklet Cover Image

Farm Safety Activity Book
This activity book is designed to teach children about some of the hazards that exist on the farm. There are “On your farm…” activities associated with each topic. These activities are designed so that the children take what they have learned from the activity and apply it on his/her farm. The “On your farm…” activities should be completed with the supervision of an adult.  Click the picture below to download and/or print a copy of your own.

Farm Safety Activity Book
Download PDF

Coloring Book Pages
Choose your favorite farm safety pictures from the list below.  Download and print.  Then color to your hearts content.

Fill in the Blanks.   Test your Farm Safety knowledge with these fill in the blanks.  Download and/or print.  Have Fun!
Farm Safety Word Search   Can you find all the words?
COVID-19 COMIC.    Assemble this comic book and then read aloud.