Safety Is Our Heritage

Every year on the third week in March, Canadian Agricultural Safety Week is held to focus on the importance of farm safety.  In 2024 it will take place from March 10 – 16 with the theme Safety is our Heritage.

As part of Farm Safety Nova Scotia’s plans for the week, we would like to share stories from farmers around the province on their safety heritage.

What safety practices have been handed down in your family?

How do you continue farm safety practices that have been in place on your farm?

What safety items will you leave to be followed by the next generation on your farm?

Whether it’s regular safety meetings or conversations, attending safety training together, making sure you give youth age-appropriate tasks, or modeling good self-care, how you prioritize farm safety everyday builds on what previous generations have done and sets an example for those to follow you.

Tell us your stories by sending them to by the end of February. We’ll share them through our social media during Canadian Agriculture Safety Week.