One Road Campaign


Farmers aren’t exactly surprised to learn that they often face the ire of commuters when they need to take their farm equipment onto Nova Scotia’s roads and highways. What does surprise them is the number of motorists who risk their own lives, and the farmers’ lives, rather than slow down.

It’s an issue that Farm Safety Nova Scotia hass prioritized in its One Road campaign, launched in 2018. One Road emphasizes the shared responsibility for road safety, with information for operators of farm equipment and awareness for the driving public.  The objectives of the campaign are:

1 – to keep farmers, farm workers, and commuters safe when farm vehicles are on roadways with motorists travelling at higher speeds, and

2 – to make sure farmers and farm workers are adhering to safe practices when sharing provincial highways and roadways.

With the summer season upon us, there will be more slow-moving farm equipment on the roads. The One Road campaign reminds everyone that we all share the same road, but use it for different purposes. Whether it’s the farmer or the motorist – road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

While the campaign message hopes to create greater awareness and understanding about farm vehicles operating on Nova Scotia’s highways, there is also a key role for farmers and their workers to play in making sure they follow safe practices and vehicle compliance regulations.

Check out our One Road Video here!

Over the next couple of months, you’ll see ads, interviews, social media posts and posters about sharing the road safely. 

We have several One Road promotional resources to offer you including floor decals, logo bumper stickers, tractor or equipment window stickers with a pre-trip checklist, posters and rack cards.  If you would like to spread the word about One Road by giving some of these items to your customers or having them on display in your business, please email or call Farm Safety NS at 902-893-2293.

There’s only one road, with many reasons to use it. Road safety is a two-way street.

Campaign Material Available – please note, images are not to scale, check the sizes listed below each image.

12″x12″ Floor Decal
5.5″ Windshield Decal – Available in English, Spanish and French
5″ Diameter Bumper Sticker
8.5×11″ Poster