COVID-19 is affecting our everyday way of life, our activities on the farm, and the extent to which we do our work. This also brings to the forefront new resources needed to help manage workers health and safety on the farm as a result of the pandemic.

Farm Safety Nova Scotia now has resources in available in both English and Spanish to help manage the new working requirements. The resources range from a COVID-19 fact sheet, guidance for farmers to information graphics for workers on hand washing, how to protect themselves, how to stop the spread, and procedures if workers are showing signs and symptoms of the illness.

Use the COVID-19 Resource Guide to walk you through which documents are applicable to your farm activities.

COVID-19 Facts.
A guide to the available resources on the Farm Safety Nova Scotia website.
How to respond if there is a potential or identified case of COVID-19 on the farm.
Here you will find cleaning and disinfecting logs for housing and on-farm locations, PPE suppliers, and more.
Here you will find supplement documents for: Hazard Assessment & Control, Emergency Preparedness, Commodity Specific Best Practices, Contractor Management, and more.
Learn more information on what to do if you are sick and how to manage respiratory symptoms at home.
How to wash your hands, how to wear a mask, how to use hand sanitizer, PPE suppliers, and more.
Here you will find posters for: Hand Washing, Physical Distancing, Removing Gloves, as well as driveway and entry signs.
Here you will find Spanish resources for: Personal Hygiene, Facility Hygiene, and more.
Here you will find information on transportation, travelling together, and carpooling.
Here you will find provincial resources related to health and safety during COVID-19.
Here you will find a guide to develop your own COVID-19 plan.
Here you will find content related to coping during the pandemic and how to maintain mental fitness.

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