Endorsement Testing

In order to meet NS Motor Vehicle Requirements for towing trailers or farm equipment behind farm trucks or tractors on the highway, you will need to have either Endorsement 15 or 23 added to your Class 3 or 5 drivers license.

If you hold a valid Class 3, 5, 5N or 5R Nova Scotia drivers license, you can test to add Endorsement 15. Contact Access Nova Scotia to arrange for testing in your area. Some Endorsement 15 testing may be offered by Farm Safety Nova Scotia, however preference is given to those testing for Endorsement 23.

You must hold a valid Class 3, 5 or 5R Nova Scotia Drivers License to test for Endorsement 23. Farm Safety Nova Scotia is the only organization that can arrange Endorsement 23 testing.

Testing is arranged for the spring and fall of each year in the Bible Hill and Port Williams areas. Testing may be arranged in other locations if there is demand, and with approval from the Road Safety Division, Department of Public Works.

Contact info@farmsafetyns.ca or call 902-893-2293 for details.

Minimum Driver License Requirements & Endorsements

You must have a driver’s licence to drive farm equipment on a highway. You will need at least one of these three licences:

Class 3

  • Allows operation of any single vehicle over 14,000 kg Gross Vehicle Weight
  • Allows operation of any combination of vehicles over 14,000 kg Gross vehicle weight where towed vehicle in that combination does not exceed a Gross Vehicle Weight of 4500 kg.

Class 5

  • Allows operation of any single vehicle not exceeding 14000 kgs which includes vans having a seating capacity of 10 or more and less than 24.
  • Allows operating of any combination of vehicles (other than semi-trailers or tractor trailer combinations) not exceeding in combination a Gross Vehicle Weight of 14000kg and the towed vehicles in that combination does not exceed a Gross vehicle weight of 4500kg.

Class 8

  • Allows operation of farm tractors only less than 14000 kgs.
  • A Class 8 licence only lets you drive farm tractors.
    • To pull farm implements on highways, you must take the Tractor Safety Course offered by Extended Learning and Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture. (https://www.dal.ca/faculty/agriculture/extended-learning.html )
    • Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a wallet card proving completion, allowing you to drive a tractor pulling farm implements with a combined weight up to 14,000 kg, with no restriction on the towed implement weight.