Calendar and Video 2018 Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of our talented winners!!

Check out the winning videos on our Farm Safety YouTube channel and keep an eye on our social media to learn how you can get your own Farm Safety Nova Scotia 2019 Calendar featuring all the winning drawings!!

Calendar Drawing Contest Winners

Carson, 5, Cumberland County

Carrie, 7, Cumberland County

Michael, 7, Yarmouth County

Courtney, 9, Hants County

Taylor, 9, Digby County

Alaura, 10, Annapolis County

Ashley, 10, Hants County

Cameron, 10, Yarmouth County

Kyle, 10, Colchester County

Emily, 11, Hants County

Wyatt, 13, Yarmouth County


Video Contest Winners

1st Prize– Laura, 16, Lunenburg County

2nd Prize– Lucas, 9, Lunenburg County

FSNS Welcomes New Board Members

At the close of the Farm Safety Nova Scotia Annual Meeting held on November 30th at the Glengarry Best Western, two new directors were elected to the Board on 3-year terms, Katie Keddy and Leonie DeWaal. Lauren Park was appointed as the 2019 NSFA Executive Representative.

Leaving the board on completion of their terms are Donna Langille and Brenna Koneczny, along with Amanda Eisses, as past NSFA Executive Rep. We thank all three for their contributions to the organization!

Following the Annual Meeting, the Board held its restructure meeting. Elected officers for the upcoming year are David Powers, President; David Newcombe, Vice-President; and Lloyd Dyck, Treasurer and Corporate Secretary. Trevor Forbes remains on the Board as Past President.
With a great group of Directors, we are looking forward to working on your behalf to support safe, healthy and productive farms!


Our Annual Meeting was held in Truro on November 30th. Although our keynote speaker, Dr. Andria Jones-Bitton’s flight to Nova Scotia was cancelled, that didn’t stop her from giving an excellent presentation, via Skype. Highlighting her research on mental health in Canadian agriculture, Andria also provided strategies to support the wellness of our farmers.
Through Andria, we learned that farmers today are struggling with issues relating to stress, anxiety and low resilience. This information was collected through the National Survey on Mental Health in Canadian Agriculture, which was sent out to farmers from all commodities across Canada in 2015-2016. Andria and her team at the University of Guelph, are working on a mental health literacy support program tailored specifically to farmers, called “In the Know”, to support the results of her research. It is expected to be released the summer of 2019 and we will keep you updated on the program!
The FSNS business meeting was held following Andria’s presentation with highlights of last year’s activities. Highlights included increasing and updating our communication channels, launching our “One Road” road safety campaign and announcing and showcasing our “Prevent Harm on the Farm” video contest winners! Moving forward, we are working on creating new tools and resources to support our members as well as continuing our training and workshop initiatives. This includes hosting a workshop for Canadian Agriculture Safety Week, which runs March 10 – 16. Stay tuned for updates on this workshop!
We were pleased to have Marcel Hacault, the Executive Director of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA), to provide us with an update on campaigns and initiatives taking place at the National level, which include: Ag Safety Week, BeGrainSafe, Progressive Ag Safety Days and the Back to Ag Program.
Thank you to all who attended our AGM, and if you happened to miss it, just check out our Annual Report for the highlights. We look forward to the next year of providing farm safety support to our members and hope to see you all at next year’s annual meeting!

November Monthly Insight

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November Connection Newsletter

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2 Plates? Both need to be on your farm vehicle.

Did you know? In Nova Scotia you are issued two farm plates by Access Nova Scotia. You must affix both to your vehicle  –  front and back.

Cleanfarms coming to NS November 5 – 16

Cleanfarms is coming to Nova Scotia November 15 – 16, 2018.  An opportunity for farmers to safely dispose of unwanted agricultural pesticides and livestock/equine medications at designated collection sites.

Check out the Cleanfarms website for more information.

Herald Commentary: Stuck behind a farm tractor? Please give it space.

Traveling on the road is necessary for many farmers. Please be patient and courteous. Check out our Commentary: Stuck behind a farm tractor? Please give it space. in the Chronicle Herald!

The Human Side of Farming

In honour of World Mental Health Day we are so excited to announce that, together with the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture, we are welcoming Dr. Andria Jones-Bitton to speak at our Annual Meeting about mental health in Canadian agriculture! Check out our Annual Meeting page for more information. 

FSNS Launches One Road Campaign

TRURO, NS – Farmers aren’t exactly surprised to learn that they often face the ire of commuters when they need to take their farm equipment onto Nova Scotia’s roads and highways. What does surprise them is the number of motorists who would rather risk their own lives, and the farmers’ lives, rather than slow down.

It’s an issue that Farm Safety Nova Scotia is prioritizing in its latest campaign called, “One Road”. The objective of the campaign is twofold; keep farmers, workers and commuters all safe when farm vehicles are on highways with motorists travelling at high speeds, and making sure farmers/workers are adhering to safe practices when using provincial highways and roadways.

“As we are in the midst of fall harvest season, Nova Scotians are going to see more of our farmers and farm workers out on the roads transporting goods in slow-moving farm equipment,” said Carolyn Van Den Heuvel, manager with Farm Safety Nova Scotia. “This campaign is to remind everyone that we all share the same road, but use it for different purposes. Whether it’s the farmer or the motorist – road safety is everyone’s responsibility.”

Van Den Heuvel makes clear that while their message hopes to create greater awareness and understanding about farm vehicles operating on Nova Scotia’s highways, there is also a key role for farmers and their workers to play in making sure they follow safe practices and vehicle compliance regulations.

Farmers are often traveling short distances on the road; however they are typically only travelling 30 – 40km/hr.  The equipment is wide and can be longer than you expect. When you see a slow-moving vehicle, slow down and use caution.

“Farming is vital to our economy here in Nova Scotia and has been for a long time. People seem to realize and respect this until they find themselves behind a slow-moving tractor on the highway,” said David Newcombe of Cornwallis Farms, “Getting on the road with our equipment is stressful, we know we are holding motorists up, we need motorists to know that we’re just doing our jobs and we want to do them safely.”

The campaign will feature print ads and social media communications over the next few months and is expected to expand in the spring of 2019.


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