Year-End Safety Reflections

The holiday season is here, which brings time spent with loved ones, hearty meals, and reflection on the past year. Although 2023 brought a seemingly endless variety of topics to … Continued

Let’s Keep Talking. Asking. Listening

The Challenge of Opening Up  It is no secret that farmers are known for their resilience and self-reliance, qualities that are admirable but can also be isolating. The nature of … Continued

Depression Awareness Month

October is Depression Awareness Month, a crucial time to shed light on a subject often overlooked, particularly within the resilience of the farming community. While the charm of rural life … Continued

Farm Family Support Line Update

Farm Safety Nova Scotia understands the importance of easy and efficient access to the assistance you need, especially when it comes to your mental well-being. That’s why we’re excited to … Continued

Writing For Resilience

In the midst of a challenging year filled with unrelenting obstacles – from hurricanes, to fires, to floods – it’s essential to seek out strategies that can help us navigate … Continued

Progressive Agriculture Safety Days

Helping youth learn about farm safety is an important part of life on or around farms. Farm Safety Nova Scotia presents two Progressive Agriculture Safety Days each year, at which … Continued

BeGrainSafe Week

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) raises awareness about grain safety with their annual BeGrainSafe week held in August. The Be Grain Safe program was launched in 2017 as a … Continued

Farm Safety General Orientation Video

Safety on the farm is an important topic to discuss with employees and family.  To help you when onboarding new employees, or for a safety review, Farm Safety NS has … Continued

Canadian Agriculture Safety Week

From March 12th to 18th Farm Safety Nova Scotia will join with the rest of Canada to observe Canadian Agriculture Safety Week (CASW). Happening annually during the third week of … Continued

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