Build a Farm Safety Plan

A Guide to Your Farm Safety Plan


Farming is one of Nova Scotia’s oldest occupations – an occupation that is both rewarding and physically challenging.

Whether overseeing a large-scale farming operation or tending to a small farm, everyone wants those working on the farm to get home safe at the end of the day.

Incidents can happen – and often do happen –when workplace health and safety is not made a priority within your farm’s overall operations. Volatile environmental and market factors, managing, hiring and scheduling employees along with the time and focus required for production are all factors that can easily creep ahead of the need to make workplace health and safety the number one priority.

Nonetheless the farm is a place where people live, work and visit, which means safety must be as paramount as production.

As the face of farming changes and as the machinery, practices and protocols in our province continue to evolve, the approach to health and safety will also need to change to reflect new realities. Developing a farm safety plan can seem like a daunting task – especially when faced with trying to understand and implement the various rules and regulations. This is why Farm Safety Nova Scotia took the initiative to prepare A Guide to Your Farm Safety Plan.

This manual was created to help you navigate through the development of a farm safety plan and to also remind you that this plan not only serves to help protect your workers – it also protects
your farm’s bottom line. Complementing this manual is a workbook that includes specific forms you will need, templates, examples of farm safety best practices, and materials to walk you through
establishing your farm safety plan.

The sections outlined in this book will provide you with an overview of why safety matters on your farm, who is responsible and what actions you need to take.

As you navigate this guide, know that the team at Farm Safety Nova Scotia is here to support the development and implementation of your farm safety plan, working with you to create a safe and healthy work environment for your team, your families, and your community.