SILO – The Film Debrief

Friday night fun included participating in a community screening of SILO and a discussion of the film with those who watched and the Canadian Agriculture Safety Association.  SILO is a feature film produced by Blood Orange Pictures about a grain entrapment.  A teenager working on the farm, Cody Rose, is entrapped in a grain bin as the corn turned to quicksand when the auger was accidently started from the outside.  Corn is a staple the community has relied on for generations.  This relatable film also features different generations of farming and various family and community interactions over the years.

This 70-minute feature film kept my attention throughout and highlighted the importance of having trained rescuers with the correct equipment to respond quickly in such emergency situations.

After the film, there was a discussion period with the Canadian Agriculture Safety Association (CASA) which focused on CASAs BeGrainSafe program.  The program includes the training for fire fighters and producers on the hazards of grain bins.  The fire fighter training focuses on the rescue aspect while the producer training focuses on emergency response planning and lockout/tag out.

Bring the BeGrainSafe program to your fire department or a group of departments!  Review the Grain Rescue Training Package, Training Course Information, and the BeGrainSafe Trailer Specifications for more information.

View the Trailer and host your own screening of the SILO.   You will be glad you did as it leaves a lasting impression.