Annual General Meeting

Farm Safety Nova Scotia will be holding its Annual Meeting Friday, November 26, 2021. This meeting will be held both in-person and online! Our meeting is taking place at a NEW location this year – the Inn on Prince!

Stay tuned for further details…

2021 Board Nominations

The Nominating Committee of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture is responsible to find qualified nominees for the Board of Directors for Farm Safety Nova Scotia.  The Nominating Committee puts forward the following names as Directors of Farm Safety Nova Scotia for the 2021 annual meeting:

NameYear(s) remaining in termTerm
Katie Keddy32nd
Jean Lynds31st

A representative from the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture Council is also appointed from its members to serve as a director for Farm Safety Nova Scotia.  The 2022 Council representative will be Peter Morine.

Respectfully submitted by the Nominating Committee,

  • Victor Oulton, chair
  • Jocelyn Durston
  • Allan Melvin
  • Chris van den Heuvel                                                                                                     
  • Tim Marsh (ex-officio)
  • Carolyn Van Den Heuvel (ex-officio)

Nominee’s Bios

Katie Keddy

Katie Keddy graduated from the NSAC with a B.Sc in Agriculture. She now lives in Woodville, working alongside her husband and in-laws on their farm growing sweet potatoes, inspected strawberry plants, raspberry and blackberry canes. Katie sits on various agriculture boards and committees all while taking an active role in her sons’ elementary school. This includes implementing the Farm to School snack program and helping out with the school garden. Katie and her husband, Phil, have two young sons, ages 4 and 6. They spend a lot of their time at the farm and show a keen interest in wanting to learn all that they can. As a farm wife and mom, she recognizes the importance of farm safety and making it an everyday conversation, not only for her own family, but also for their employees.

Jean Lynds

Jean Lynds grew up on a small dairy farm on the North Shore, and graduated from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in 1990 with a B.Sc. Agri in Plant Science. Currently, Jean is the Farm Operations Manager at Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Agriculture. As the farm manager, Jean appreciates the importance and complexity of farm safety. She sees this as an opportunity to share experiences with people committed to the goal of improving safety on farms. Jean knows it is important to stay current and explore new options on how to change and improve farm safety culture with the students, who are training to become our industry’s future leaders.

Annual Reports