Annual Meeting

Farm Safety Nova Scotia will be holding its Annual Meeting Friday, December 4, 2020. The meeting will be held virtually! Click here for a draft agenda.

1:00pm – Mental Health Campaign Launch

1:30pm – Keynote Speaker

Mental Fitness 101: Foundational Elements to Building a Mental Fitness Plan

Have you ever thought about your mental fitness? Like your physical fitness, which is impacted by a few factors including, how well you eat, sleep and exercise. Your mental fitness is significantly impacted by your habits and routines and without intentional focus specifically in times of uncertainty you can begin to experience adverse effects.  In this presentation we will discuss the foundational elements of mental health and mental illness, and how our daily experience can influence our personal battery charge. This presentation will also cover the key elements of resilience, coping skills and how micro-skills can charge your daily battery.

2:30pm – Business meeting

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2020 Board Nominations

The Nominating Committee of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture is made up of two Council members and the two past Presidents of the NSFA. If one or both of the past Presidents are not able to participate, the preceding past President will be asked to serve on the Nominating Committee. The President and Executive Director shall be ex-officio members of the Nominating Committee.

Members of the nominating committee are responsible to find qualified nominees for the Board of Directors for Farm Safety Nova Scotia.  The Nominating Committee puts forward the following names as Directors of Farm Safety Nova Scotia for the 2020 annual meeting:

NameYear(s) remaining in termTerm
Janice Lutz31st
Foster Murphy31st

A representative from the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture Council is also appointed from its members to serve as a director for Farm Safety Nova Scotia.  The 2021 Council representative will be Lauren Park provided she is elected to NSFA Council to serve her 2nd term.

Respectfully submitted by the Nominating Committee, Chris van den Heuvel (Chair), Chris deWaal, Allan Melvin, Dennis Boudreau, Victor Oulton (ex-officio), Henry Vissers (ex-officio)

Nominee’s Bios

Foster Murphy

Foster is part of Doirie Maple Farm located in Mabou, Cape Breton. Foster is passionate about safety and is getting ready to begin an Occupation Health & Safety program through the University of New Brunswick. As a skilled tradesperson, Foster has worked on over 14 different industrial job sites across the country for which he has gained ongoing safety training that he has, in turn, translated to his farming activities. Currently, he sits on the board of the Inverness Victoria County Federation of Agriculture, as well as the volunteer based Machinery Committee out of Inverness Victoria. Previous board experience includes the Cape Mabou Community Pasture.

Foster’s main goal as a Farm Safety Nova Scotia board member would be to encourage more farmers throughout the province to get involved.

Janice Lutz

Janice and her husband Larry own and operate Lutz Family Farm, an apple and peach farm in Rockland, Kings County. Janice has held various volunteer positions over the years and is currently a director of the Western Kings Memorial Health Society, the Annapolis Valley Farmland Trust, and also sits on the Nova Scotia Fruit Growers Association’s Health & Safety Committee. At her previous employers, and on the family farm, Janice is responsible for Health & Safety and understands the responsibility of worker welfare.