A vehicle or equipment pre-trip inspection will take about 10 minutes and can save time, money and lives.  This is one important task that can detect any damage, leaks, or faults with the vehicle or equipment that could interfere with the safe operation and increase the life span of the vehicle or equipment.  Most common vehicle and equipment failure is due to overheating, misuse or abuse, and computer or electrical failure.

Use a pre-trip inspection checklist for the vehicle or equipment to remind you of items to check and also document the condition of the vehicle or equipment before operating for the day.  Visit the Farm Safety Nova Scotia website to download your templates.  The workbook templates for The Guide to a Farm Safety Plan Section 3 has templates for forklift inspection and the Endorsement Testing page under resources has templates for vehicle and tractor inspections.

Costs associated with operating faulty equipment and vehicles include:









You don’t need to be a mechanic to conduct a pre-trip inspection.  The inspection may include:






























A daily pre-trip vehicle or equipment inspection will make it easier to identify and manage maintenance issues early before they turn into problematic downtime, equipment or property damage, injury, or expensive repairs.