Farm Safety General Orientation Video

Safety on the farm is an important topic to discuss with employees and family. 

To help you when onboarding new employees, or for a safety review, Farm Safety NS has developed this video.

Farm Safety General Orientation is available on YouTube here:

It includes:

  • a brief overview of the legislation governing workplace safety,
  • reporting requirements,
  • WHMIS,
  • emergency response,
  • First Aid,
  • Personal Protective Equipment,
  • Working Alone,
  • Fatigue Management and
  • Confined Spaces.

The video format helps show safety items and procedures, increasing understanding for those who learn more visually.

The entire video is just over 11 minutes long – a brief time investment to keep safety first!

If you like the video approach but would like to customize it specifically to your farm requirements, contact Farm Safety NS at or 902-893-2293 to receive the PowerPoint template.