BeGrainSafe Week

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) raises awareness about grain safety with their annual BeGrainSafe week held in August.

The Be Grain Safe program was launched in 2017 as a result of an increase in grain entrapment fatalities. “One of the main points that we highlight with the BeGrainSafe program is that grain entrapment can happen to anyone in just a matter of seconds,” says Andrea Lear, CASA’s Chief Executive Officer. “Unfortunately, grain entrapments often have tragic outcomes, which is why preventing them is so important. BeGrainSafe Week allows us to further spread the message about grain safety to help keep everyone safe on Canadian farms.”

Farm Safety NS has downloadable fact sheets on Confined Spaces and Handling & Storage of Material which you can share with family and employees. Find them here:

Farm Safety NS can also arrange courses in Confined Spaces Safety Awareness, and offers discounted rates to NSFA members who register through Farm Safety NS. Email for details

Have you been thinking about introducing your employees to grain handling and storage hazards? Or how about bringing a grain rescue training course to your local fire department? The BeGrainSafe program from CASA can help with all of that.
Through training and building awareness about the hazards of moving grain, we can work together to prevent grain entrapment fatalities.

For more information on resources and training check the CASA website at