Looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas to keep you full and energized during the busy season? Look no further!

Farm Safety Nova Scotia wants to ensure you are nourishing your body even on your busiest days. To do so, we partnered with a team of dietitians at Kitchen Table Nutrition Communications and put together nutrition tips and tricks specific to farmers for each meal of the day, including snacks.

Aside from proper nutrition giving you the energy you need to get through your day physically, it also helps you perform better mentally. There are many studies that discuss the connection between gut and brain health. Food impacts our mood and energy levels, which directly affects our day-to-day performance on the farm. 

We encourage you to check out these informative resources. They are a quick, easy, and interactive read. You can even print them out and put them on your fridge at home, or in the staff room at work.

Below you can find downloadable PDF’s on the following:

Breakfast: A nourishing breakfast gives you a boost of energy to wake up your body and mind. It fuels the start of a busy day, helps you focus, and keeps you going until lunch. Aim to eat a balanced breakfast that includes grains, protein, and vegetables or fruit.

Lunch: Eating a balanced lunch is important whether you pack your lunch, have it at home, or eat out. A midday meal helps you get through the afternoon, increases productivity, boosts concentration, and provides healthy nutrients. Shake up your lunch by choosing a variety of foods to add enjoyment to your meal.

Dinner: Your body needs to refuel after a long day at work, the same way you need to fill up your equipment, so it is ready for the next day.  An evening meal recharges your body and mind. It is an important part of being ready for a productive tomorrow.

Snacks & Hydration: Snacks give you a boost during a long workday. They provide energy for work and help with mental alertness to keep you safe. Your need for snacks depends on when you eat your meals and the work you do each day.

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Snacks & Hydration
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Our nutritional resouces have also been adapted to support Spanish speaking farmers and employees.

They contain the same useful tips with culturally relevant information and food examples.

Fundamentos del desayuno
Download PDF
Hora del almuerzo
Download PDF
A la hora de la comida
Download PDF
Hora del tentempié
Download PDF