FSNS Welcomes New Board Members

At the close of the Farm Safety Nova Scotia Annual Meeting held on November 30th at the Glengarry Best Western, two new directors were elected to the Board on 3-year terms, Katie Keddy and Leonie DeWaal. Lauren Park was appointed as the 2019 NSFA Executive Representative.

Leaving the board on completion of their terms are Donna Langille and Brenna Koneczny, along with Amanda Eisses, as past NSFA Executive Rep. We thank all three for their contributions to the organization!

Following the Annual Meeting, the Board held its restructure meeting. Elected officers for the upcoming year are David Powers, President; David Newcombe, Vice-President; and Lloyd Dyck, Treasurer and Corporate Secretary. Trevor Forbes remains on the Board as Past President.
With a great group of Directors, we are looking forward to working on your behalf to support safe, healthy and productive farms!