Do you have a plan?  Are you sustainable?

We are a part of an ever-changing world.  You see where you are today from where you began.  How much is the same?

Did you plan for the change or did you go along with the change?  If you plan for change, there is a better chance of coming out on top or becoming a leading member of your industry.  A big part in planning for change whether it be business related or health and safety related is risk management.

Do you have and use a risk assessment tool?  Do you know the likelihood and consequence of various business and health and safety activities?

Create a risk matrix of likelihood and consequence to determine low, medium, and high risk activities.  Once you determine risk, this can set your priorities for taking action to become sustainable.  The more you involve your employees especially during the risk assessment phase and collaborate with them in how to mitigate the risk, the employees will take ownership in their roles and want their part to be a success.   If your employees are successful, your plan will be successful which in turn will generate a sustainable business.

Here are two resources that will help your business become sustainable: 1. Farm Safety Plan and 2. Using the Farm Sustainability Assessment.