Pallet Jack Safety

Many farms have a pallet jack.  Basically, where you may find a pallet, you are likely to find a pallet jack! They make lifting and carrying large and heavy loads a lot easier. Although helpful, if not used correctly can be dangerous, especially when loaded down with hundreds of pounds of material such as feed, fruits, vegetables, fertilizer, and more.

Hazards of a Pallet Jack:

Injuries that most commonly occur from the use of pallet jacks include crushed or pinched toes, scraped knuckles, and back strain.  When a pallet jack is stored with its’ forks in aisles, walkways and in open spaces it can become a tripping hazard.  Some other common hazards of pallet jacks include uneven or slippery floors, loss of control on ramps, not being able to see around loads, and poor maintenance.

Best Practice when using a Pallet Jack: