On-Farm Advisory Services

We know your time is valuable and you have very little of it to spare, so we did the work for you.  We found the perfect top dressing for your safety program needs. The Farm Safety Advisor!

The Farm Safety advisor can help you Mind the G.A.P FARM-FARM-FARM.

To implement a safety program of Good Analytical Practice you can FARM – Focused Approach Right Method – a Farm Safety Plan today to reduce the costs associated with incident and injury on the farm and ensure all of your workers and family return home in the same condition they went to the farm each day.

The Farm Safety Advisor will come to your farm and evaluate the health and safety hazards based on the tasks performed on your particular farm and help build a farm safety plan specific to your needs and farm activities.

Not only will a customized Farm Safety Plan reduce the incidents and injuries on your farm but it will enhance the safety culture as well as increase farm productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

If you are an NSFA member the cost of the On-Farm Advisory services after the initial consult is $75/hour plus expenses (travel, printing, and postage) and Non-Members it is $125/hour plus expenses (travel, printing, and postage).  Complete cost estimate to be provided and confirmed after the initial consultation.

Contact the Farm Safety Advisor today to book your consult.  Phone Lori Brookhouse at 902-893-2293 or e-mail lbrookhouse@nsfa-fane.ca.