It’s all about you!

This is the final installment of the sustainability series.  If you haven’t done so already, it is time to start building a sustainable farm using the Farm Safety Plan and using the Farm Sustainability Assessment.  Both tools offer checklists to evaluate what is in place and what may be needed.

Section 2:3 of the Farm Safety Plan Workbook is a Farm Health and Safety Self-Assessment Checklist.  This checklist contains four sections which mirror your Farm Safety Plan Guide and Workbook:

Section A:

  1. Health and Safety policy.
  2. Occupational Heath and Safety Legislation.
  3. Health and Safety rules.
  4. Health and Safety Representative or Committee.
  5. Communication
Section B:

  1. Hazard Assessment & Risk Assessment
  2. Inspections
Section C:

  1. Controlling Hazards
  2. Training
Section D:

  1. Emergency Response
  2. Incident Investigation and Reporting

Sections 3.1 to 3.18 of the Farm Sustainability Assessment runs through a series of 112 questions which are of three levels: Essential, Basic and Advanced.

The sections include:

3.1 General Questions

3.2 Legal Compliance

3.3 Financial Stability

3.4 Farm Management

3.5 Planting

3.6 Soil Management

3.7 Nutrient Management

3.8 Crop Protection

3.9 Agro-chemicals

3.10 Waste Management

3.11 Water Management

3.12 Biodiversity

3.13 Air

3.14 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

3.15 Market Access

3.16 Labour Conditions

3.17 Health and Safety

3.18 Local Community


Once the questions are completed online, a performance score of bronze, silver and gold is applied based on the responses you provided.  An improvement plan can be developed based on the performance score which will help your farm in becoming a more sustainable business.

Contact Farm Safety Nova Scotia if you would like some help in building your Farm Safety Plan.  Perhaps a Phase 1 Inspection can help you and others in the community in recognizing hazards on the farm.