Flipping the Switch

The first in a series of posts, Tactics for Maintaining Mental Fitness during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Dr. Bill Howatt from Howatt HR said “we are like batteries, and like batteries we can be anywhere from charged to empty on a daily basis.”

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, some risk factors and challenges many workers were facing, have increased in intensity.  This can decrease our battery charge and alter how we see the world.  Below is a chart on the level of our battery charge and how that level affects our feelings, thinking, action at work, and health.

Flipping the switch can help charge your battery and provide another perspective on how you look at a person, a relationship, or a situation.  By changing your perspective, you can change how you experience it.  Flipping the switch when you are impacted by stress can change your physical and emotional response to stress.  This is because our response has more to do with how we perceive stress than the actual event.  Flipping the switch can minimize the time and intensity of a stressful event and increase our ability to recover.

To change your perspective:







What else can help you when trying to flip the switch?





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