Farmers Safety Corner has been given a makeover, however it is sticking to the same schedule! You can join us on the first Wednesday of the month from 11:30am-12:00pm and the fourth Wednesday of the month from 7:00-7:30pm. 

The series will be delivered in webinar format and will focus on a particular safety topic.  There will be a short presentation at the start of the webinar and then the session will open up for questions.  You can ask your questions open to the group or you can send them anonymously directly to the advisor.  This affords farms an opportunity to ask the farm specific related questions for free.  Typically, there is a charge for farm specific advice under our advisory services program.

This is also opportunity to learn where to find and access resources for particular safety topics as well.  For example, road safety will include discussion on the requirements for endorsement testing, and mental health will include the We Talk. We Grow website and the tools and resources available to farmers and their workers for free.

Visit the Farm Safety Nova Scotia Events Calendar and pick the dates, times and topics you want to attend.  Don’t worry about forgetting you signed up, as you will receive an e-mail reminder 1 week prior, 1 day before, and the morning of the event.  As well as upon registration, you will be given a link to add the event to your calendar with zoom link included.   

Plan a year in advance.  Don’t worry if it lands on a nice weather day, or a day where there just seems to be too much to do, the sessions will be recorded and those who registered will receive a link to the recording and you can watch it at your convenience.

Upcoming topics include:

The Farm Safety Advisor is looking forward to sharing information with you in June on Summer Safety.  We will look at various topics under the summer safety umbrella to include heat related emergencies, exposure to UV rays, dehydration, and much more.  Did know you there is a Heat Stress policy template available that outlines hazard assessment & control, exposure limits, acclimatization, signs and symptoms of heat related illness and first aid, heat stress contingency plan, and more?  Let the farm safety advisor show you how to access it and how to use the information available to protect your workers from heat stress this summer.

See you there!