Ever wonder why you do things even though you know better?  Well, the part of the brain that makes you do that is called the Fast Brain (the hare).  It processes visual information and delivers feedback as quickly as possible resulting in generalized visual perceptions, may miss important changes and make mistakes.  It only takes 4/10 of a second for this part of the brain to rule your next decision or action.

We need to start engaging the Slow Brain (the tortoise) first.  It takes at least 1 second for the slow brain to react and even longer if you are tired.

Farm Safety Nova Scotia can help you engage your slow brain through Mind the G.A.P.  FARM-FARM-FARM




  • Pre-conscious
  • Automatic
  • Reactive
  • Habitual

  • Conscious
  • Analytical
  • Reasoned
  • Reflective
  • Thoughtful
Activation Time:

4/10 of a second

Activation Time:

  • At least one second
  • Fatigue creates a slower activation

Process visual information, give feedback quickly & you may miss important changes


  • Consciously goes through steps of a task
  • Evaluates all angles

  • None, on autopilot
  • Frequent errors

What’s the Cost?

  • Medical costs due to injury/illness
  • Replacement costs – tools & equipment
  • Repair costs – tools & equipment
  • Retraining – workers who fill in the absence
  • Legal – advice, lawsuits
  • Compliance or stop work orders – OHS
  • Reduced income – decreased productivity
  • Quality of life – injury affect workers abilities
  • Decrease moral – workers uncertain
What’s the Benefit?

  • Lower WCB costs or insurance costs
  • Increased production
  • Better quality of work
  • Positive safety culture
  • Increase profits
  • Return on investment
  • Prevent incident & injuries
  • Reduced stress
  • Increase sustainability
  • Consistent message
  • Worker retention

Join the movement and protect the tortoise from extinction.

FARM – Fatigue at Risk Management – reduce the fatigue.Mind the G.A.P.  FARM – FARM- FARM.

FARM – First Always Right-Minded – do the job right the first time.

FARM – Focused Approach; Right Method – clear and concise policies and procedures. Have a Plan.

Visit https://farmsafetyns.ca/farm-safety-plan/guide-to-farm-safety-plan/ to download your copy of the Farm Safety Plan Guide and Workbook resources.


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