In the first season of Maintaining Mental Fitness during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Dr Bill Howatt, from Howatt HR stated “we are like batteries, and like batteries we can be anywhere from charged to empty on a daily basis.”

Personal and situational stressors can drain your battery such as stress, burnout, anxiety, harassment, chronic issues, gossip, workload, distrust, depression, finances, weather events, injuries, and incidents. 

You need to intentionally recharge your battery by prioritizing sleep, being active, eating fruits and vegetables, and finding a connection rather than self-medicating.

In Episode 6 of the second season of Maintaining Mental Fitness, we are learning the importance of monitoring positive and negative daily charge of our batteries.

We need to monitor our battery drains and charges as mental fitness requires intention and enhancing it requires motivation, action, and accountability.  Dr Howatt says, factors that can predict a person’s mental health include their confidence and comfort in meeting the demands of their day-to -day life.  Feeling comfortable with thoughts and emotions allows them to experience happiness and internal peace.

“Learning to cope better with different kinds of life stress and understanding is good for business.”  Dr Bill Howatt.

Human daily capacity is like a battery, unwanted stress drains our battery, so we need to continuously charge it.  The warning sign that we are at risk is stress and fatigue.  A good start is becoming more mindful of what you are doing to recharge your emotional battery each day.

To become more mindful, we need to start monitoring our battery charge daily.  Below is a helpful tool to understand if you are doing enough to recharge your battery and also identify what is draining your battery on a daily basis.

Dr Howatt encouraged everyone to use the chart below to record their results.  Follow the direction on the infographic and note your results.  Feel free to make a copy and note it in your We Talk We Grow Notebook found in your Mental Health Kit.  Don’t have one, order yours today by calling 902-957-2785 or e-mailing infor@farmsafetyns.ca.

To help support creating a positive charge use the following tips: