Employee Engagement a must to build a Sustainable Farm

Once you have a risk management system in place, it can be used to set your priorities for taking action to become a sustainable farm. The more you involve your employees, especially during the risk management phase, and collaborate with them on how to mitigate the risk, the employees will take ownership in their roles and want their part to be a success. This is easier said then done, but it can be done. The Gallup study (“The Relationship Between Engagement at Work and Organization Outcomes,” by Harter et al, Gallup, April 2016) showed a clear connection between safety culture and safe work performance. A key part of this study was the evaluation of employee engagement. They found that the more workers were engaged in their workplace, there were fewer incidents and injuries. It is interesting to note Canada was included in this study. The study showed that there was a 78% higher success rate in businesses with an engaged workforce. The study also showed there was about 70% fewer incidents and 41% less absenteeism. It sounds like employee engagement can be quite profitable! Stay tuned for tools that you can use to create an engaged workforce.