Don’t Soil Your Safe Reputation – Implement a Farm Safety Plan!

Finally, the day you have been waiting for, access to great resources to start or continue to put together your Farm Safety Plan.

Over the last few weeks I have been dropping little hints and tips on what to add into your Farm Safety Plan and information on how to get started through the Sustainability Series postings on the Farm Safety Nova Scotia website and through Social Media.  To see what you may have missed, follow the Sustainability Series posts.  While you are on the website, take a look at the Farm Safety Plan Guide on how to start or continue building your own Farm Safety Plan.  To access the Workbook templates that accompany the Farm Safety Plan Guide, type Workbook into the search engine at the top of the Farm Safety Nova Scotia webpage and the workbook templates will populate or look at the index at the right of the page and click workbook at the bottom of each Farm Safety Plan section.

The Workbook templates are organized by section of the Farm Safety Plan Guide and numbered according to the references in the guide.  Feel free to download the Workbook templates and edit them to suit you own particular farm culture.  Once you have a few templates built, communicate the information to your workers and start living the Farm Safety Plan.

If you wait until you think your Farm Safety Plan is complete, workers could be missing out on some great tools to use on the farm that will help them go home in the same condition they went to work.

I find the Farm Safety Plan is a work in progress.  We change it to add in something new and great or we change it to more suit the farm needs and culture.  A Farm Safety Plan is a living document and as you learn more about safety, new content can be added and communicated to your workers.

The more the Farm Safety Plan evolves the better the farm becomes at preventing incident and injury and will become more sustainable farm.

If you prefer printed copies of the Farm Safety Plan Guide and Workbook documents call 902-893-2293 or e-mail to request a printed copy.