Cultivating your way to burn out?

With labour shortages, the demands to do more with less, weather, government regulations, financial pressures, public attacks on agriculture, etc. you may find yourself feeling completely exhausted and potentially on your way to burn out. Fatigue and/or burn out can also be a result of not getting enough sleep or it could be the result of an underlying health condition.  Fatigue also plays an important role in your mental health.  Find out if you are on your way to burnout and how what appears to be a simple lack of sleep, could be changing your perspective of life on the farm and your ability to be a resilient farmer. Join the Farm Safety Advisor in some fun activities to get your perspective on the effects of fatigue, learn if you are on your way to burn out which may cause potential mental health challenges as well as gain tools and resources to head it off at the pass.

Webinar: February 2, 2021 @ 11:30 am – 12:30 pm