Are You Using Chocks and Blocks?

Chocks and Blocks help prevent run overs., run-aways or crushing injuries from vehicles, tractors, implements and other farm equipment.  When positioned correctly the chock and block can stop the equipment from moving and keep them in one place.

Chock trailer or implement wheels when hitching or unhitching from a vehicle or tractor to prevent a farmer or worker from being injured or killed if the implement rolls forward or backward.  You may need to chock both the front and back of the tires of the rear axle.  It is best to keep the wheels chocked while the implement, equipment or trailer is parked to prevent against movement.

Block equipment that has been lifted off the ground for maintenance to prevent it from falling on the worker.

Lift arm supports on a skid steer are a type of blocking mechanism to prevent the arms from moving while performing maintenance.  Read the operator’s manual for such equipment to know how to use the lift arm supports correctly to prevent accidental movement.

Best Practices when using Chocks and Blocks: